The project – Playful and personal
Used, renovated, playful and personal were watchwords in Sabis’ major change project, which included seven sub-projects. Lindelöfs had an active role from the start.

It began with a desire of Sabis to review its hospitality and service for the best possible customer experience. Together with Lindelöfs and two architectural firms, it became an educational journey to review, renovate and equip seven very different facilities.

“We were not used to working with design as a strategic means of competition previously, so working with Lindelöfs has taught us a lot,” says Sabis’ Vice President, Madeleine Brehmer.

  • Sabis Stockholm
    Number of sub-projects: 7
    Architects: Murman Arkitekter and White Arkitekter
    Interior design coordinator: AB Evert Lindelöf
  • Lindelöf’s role has been to manage the complexity of a number of different architects and elements, as well as being responsible for implementation.
Case (PDF 2,9 MB, 15 sidor)