The project – A new concept for 17,000 employees

When Nordea wanted to create a new concept for its Nordic office, a total of approximately 17,000 people, the activity based office was a key theme.

An activity based office is effective in terms of space and economic for the employer – but above all it is healthy for the employee. Something that Nordea valued highly.

In the start up phase, Nordea, Strategisk Arkitektur, the producer Martela and Lindelöfs met up. Nordea then handed over to the parties to jointly run the project. Together with Martela, Lindelöfs has taken care of all project planning, scheduling, product selection and pricing, to suggestions for furniture.

  • Nordea
    Total area: 25,000 sq m
    Number of persons: 2,200
    Interior designer: Strategisk Arkitektur
    Contract partner: Martela
    Interior design coordinator: AB Evert Lindelöf
    Number of producers: Approximately 110

  • Lindelöf’s role has been overall coordination with logistics and assembly for all movable interior design.

Case (PDF 1.4 MB, 9 pages)