“The journey towards a more modern office”

The project – Future Office
NCC takes the business environment seriously, not just in the customers’ properties. They are actually at the forefront of the office of the future under the vignette, Future Office.

Future Office is based on an activity-based approach to work and characterizes NCC’s new offices. The staff testify to the fact that the work environment has evolved, which tells of a better, more social workplace.

The project is a successful collaboration between Alexandra Moore and Lindelöfs and included exciting new types of furniture including a unique modular storage system.

  • NCC
    Total area:
    Architect: Alexandra Moore
    Number of producers:
    Interior design coordinator: AB Evert Lindelöf
  • Lindelöf’s role was at an early stage to act as advisor to the customer and architect on the market’s supply of interior design solutions. The requirements linked to the vision “working environment of the future” were consistently high, with a focus on function, environment, technology and economy.
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