"Specially designed and recycled"

The project – Welcome home to the office
HSB has come home. After an extensive renovation, the property company has again moved into its old premises from the 1940s. Here, all employees previously worked in individual rooms, whilst today they have a modern office with 430 workplaces. As interior designers, pS Arkitektur and Lindelöfs as interior design coordinator realised the customer’s idea of an environment where the concept of openness was absolutely key.

A new way of working
HSB’s main concern was a new way of working, which the architects at pS and Lindelöfs were able to satisfy, e.g. by creating quiet office environments with wall absorbers and curtains to keep the noise level down. pS and Lindelöfs have specifically produced furniture that is flexible, ranging from smart project tables with writing surfaces to the exciting reception hubs.

  • HSB Stockholm
    Established: 1923
    Number of employees: 430
    Total area: 9,000 sq m
    House architect: Reflex Arkitekter
    Interior designer: PS Arkitektur
    Interior design coordinator: AB Evert Lindelöf
    Number of producers: 40
  • Lindelöf’s role in the development of the new office has centred on being a sounding board for the architects and assuming responsibility for all issues surrounding the interior design. From developing suggestions for furniture that fits both concept and budget, to delivering these on time.

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