The project – from ten to one

When General Electric’s Sweden office relocated 750 employees from ten different companies into a single office in Danderyd in Stockholm, this was cleverly carried out on a tight budget. Lindelöfs was given an extended mandate as the project lacked an interior designer.  GE’s own London-based architectural office, Aukett Fitzroy Robinson, drew up the guidelines for the interior and designed custom joinery.

Do something good with limited funds
Prior to the move to the new joint office, GE itself carried out a comprehensive study along with its employees on how the future office would look, and analysed which rooms, furniture and technical solutions would be needed. This resulted in a report conducted by Steelcase on how best to arrange the building. The basis used by Lindelöfs in the process of realising the vision within budget.

  • GE Stockholm
    Number of employees: 750
    Total area: 15,000 sq m
    Completed: November 2011
    House architect: BAU Architects
    Premises and interior design concept: Aukett Fitzroy Robinson
    Project manager: Right Office
    Interior design coordinator: Evert Lindelöf AB
    Number of producers: Approximately 20
    Percentage recycled furniture: Approximately 35

  • In addition to the inventory, Lindelöf’s role consisted of coming up with suggestions for various furniture, something usually undertaken by an interior designer. Lindelöf’s came up with suggestions for environmental furniture such as sofas and meeting room furniture, but also workplace furniture. The proposals were presented to GE, linked to the customer’s budget. An exciting and fun challenge in one for Lindelöf’s different projects.
Case (PDF 2.8 MB, 12 pages)