“Smartest in Sweden”

The project – Face the Future
Sweden’s smartest office. Could there be better acknowledgement of a job well done? Arcona’s new office, designed by Lindelöfs, received the award on completion of the new activity-based office.

When Arcona felt that the old premises were not suitable for expansion, they sat down and contemplated how we will be working in the future, who do we want to attract? That was the starting point.

Switching over to an activity-based approach is full of challenges.  But with the internal expertise of the subsidiary company, BSK Arkitekter and Lindelöfs involved in the process at an early stage, there existed the prerequisites of a successful project. Which was thus awarded Sweden’s smartest office in 2014.

  • Arcona/Exengo
    Scope: 120 personer
    Total area: 1230 kvm
    Architect: BSK Arkitekter
    Number of producers: 33
    Interior design coordinator: AB Evert Lindelöf
    Project manager: GoToWork
  • Interior design contract with advice and support for Arcona and architect. Exploring the market supply for concept optimisation. Ongoing monitoring and price calculation against interior design budget, inventory for the reuse of certain furniture, procurement, delivery coordination as well as on site assembly.
Hela caset Arcona (PDF 2,8 MB, 9 sidor)