“Innovation by experience”

The project – Sustainability and innovation
ÅF’s identity is a technology company with a long history and considerable experience. At the same time, ÅF is an innovative company at the forefront of technology.

In order to do this full justice the technical and design level of the office project needed to be of a high quality. The main aim for ÅF was to facilitate meetings between employees and customers and to meet the requirements of Green Building labelling.

Green Building is about sustainability through methodology and processes that are environmentally friendly and resource-efficient throughout the lifecycle of the building.

  • ÅF
    Scope: 950 personer
    House architect: Strategisk arkitektur
    Inredningsarkitekt: SandellSandberg
    Surface area: 18,300 sq m
    Number of produceras: 45
    Interior design coordinator: AB Evert Lindelöf
  • Lindelöf’s role was interior design contract with prototype construction, sample furnishing arrangements, procurement, delivery coordination and installation.