“Flexible and colourful”

The project – A more modern workplace
When the disturbance in the old premises was identified, Accenture’s new office could become the modern workplace they wanted. Inspiration was taken from the Göteborg office, which then underwent a change with the help of the same team, interior design architects Krook & Tjäder and Lindelöfs.

Inspiration to change
Accenture wanted inspiration to transform the office. Lindelöfs and the interior designer began by listening to the flow in the premises. An idea concept was presented with the company’s logo and colours as part of the interior design. The result is a cultural and identity-bearing office, planned in such a way that it will be possible to make changes in the future.

  • Accenture Stockholm
    Number of employees in Sweden: 925
    Total area: 3,800 sq m
    Completed: 2013
    Interior designer: Krook & Tjäder
    Interior design coordinator: AB Evert Lindelöf
    Number of producers: 20
  • The interior designer made a blueprint with such furniture that Lindelöfs could work from. This led to an efficient process in which Lindelöf’s expertise was intelligently utilised. Accenture was itself firmly involved in the process and knew exactly what it wanted to achieve. Great co-operation from start to finish, which gave a lasting strong result.
Case (PDF 2.1 MB, 11 pages)