“Fantastic views”

The project – Ambitious plans
NUAC is owned by the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration and Danish Naviair and is the Nordic region’s largest provider of air navigation services. The premises high up in the Waterfront Building offer fantastic views over central Stockholm. The sky is ever present and the theme, aircraft types has guided the choice of interior design.

The sky around the corner
The specially designed reception desk, wallpaper, furnishings and fittings – all characterised by an airiness and a play with shapes reminiscent of both nature’s flying experts and man’s imitation machines.

Focus on comfort and efficiency through adaptation and ergonomics in the workplace, such as hidden IT in the meeting rooms, also characterised the project.

  • NUAC
    Number of employees:
    Total area:
    Architectural office: pS Arkitektur
    Interior design coordinator: AB Evert Lindelöf
    Number of producers:
  • Lindelöf’s role was to be responsible for fixed and movable interiors, and for the implementation of the many special solutions developed by the architect pS Arkitektur.