Our history


1952. The three legged ”ant” sees the light of day. That same year Ella Fitzgerald tours Sweden for the first time one ice-cold April.


Evert & Lilly Lindelöf convert the lower floor of the house to a furniture workshop, and business commences. Siblings, Lars, Maria and Janne help out in the workshop. Experience for the young ones: Life is a whole, work and leisure time cannot be distinguished one from the other. The first major assignment: The blue vinyl on the seating in Tempo’s staff restaurant needed to be replaced. Esso becomes the first major customer, now, Esso Statoil.


1956. The classic Lamino is born. The same year, the heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano hangs up his gloves, undefeated in 49 professional fights.


In line with the increased need for operational space, the first separate business premises is acquired with warehousing in Tallkrogen, adjacent to the furniture workshop in Sköndal. The operation comprises furniture restoration and dealing in second hand furniture.


1960. The Panton Chair by Verner Panton is a success. Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm opens to public traffic.


The trading company, Evert Lindelöf becomes AB Evert Lindelöf.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 1964

1964. Karuselli from Finnish Artek is launched at the Cologne Furniture Fair. The furniture shop in Hammarbybacken with the sign ‘furniture’.


The company grows and switches to larger premises, situated more centrally in Stockholm. Address: Hammarbybacken 43, next to the dairy shop. Collaboration commences with a few producers of new furniture. Its customers include Shell, the Swedish Master Builders Association and Michelin.

Evert Lindelof Timeline 1968

1968. Börge Lindau and Bo Lindekrantz design the armchair p70-4. In May, Olof Palme makes a speech during the occupation of the student union building.


Renovation of table tops draws to a close. The business develops with more manufacturers of new furniture. Evert Lindelöf builds two houses of used table tops. The throwaway generation has not yet seen the light of day.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 1971

1971. Rodney Kinsmen designs the Omkstak chair, which became one of the decade’s best sellers. The company car is a yellow Volvo Amazon with a raised roof.


The Lindelöf workshop in the house is converted into a dwelling for son Lars and family. Suddenly, three generations of Lindelöfs are living and working under the same roof.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 1977

1977. The Cab chair 412 by Mario Bellini is part of the permanent exhibition at Moma. Lars Lindelöf in a contemporary setting.


Lars Lindelöf acquires all shares in the company. A new service mentality is introduced with complete solutions and long-term customer relationships as watchwords. Customers include McDonalds, Canon, Ericsson and Trygg Hansa.

Evert Lindelof Timeline 1983

1983. Provocerande Richard III av Philippe Starck kommer till världen. Lindelöfs showroom spänner också bågen och saknar vid tiden allt motstycke.


The pharmacy Enhörningen on Hornsgatan, corner of Bellmansgatan, becomes AB Evert Lindelöf’s new address. The showroom which is created is unparalleled in Sweden. Lars Lindelöf’s interest in art uniquely becomes part of the environment. Leading Nordic manufacturers flock in. New customers are DN, SvD, Expressen and NCC.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 1987

1987. Bubbles Chaise Lounge Chair by Frank O. Ghery is made entirely of cardboard and heralds the environmental movement. Andy Warhol, the father of Pop Art, dies.


A ground-breaking time in connection with the arrival of computers. The technique creates a new need – for a computer desk. Creator Carlzon designs Lindelöf’s new graphic profile. From now on, the linden leaf and handwritten logo permeate communication.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 1989

1989. Israeli, Ron Arad designs the Little Heavy Chair. Globen (The Globe Arena) in Stockholm is inaugurated.


A strategic partnership is established with Sigge Danielsson, whose company Tentex works in the field of company profiling and promotional gifts. Lindelöf’s offering in brand communication is strengthened. The company has developed into one of Sweden’s leading independent interior design companies. AB Evert Lindelöf is commissioned to carry out the interior design of Globen (The Globe Arena). At the same time Lars Lindelöf acquires his first computer. Without a keyboard, because he understands the computer’s value in theory, but not its value in practice.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 1992

1992. The ascetic minimalism of the Campus Chair by Foersom and Lorenzen is inspirational. TV games are at their peak; it is still before the Internet.


AB Evert Lindelöf opens the interior design store, Bellman Interiör. The store offers strong brands within accessories and ornamental items. There is a demand for a new type of interior in connection with the trend in flexible offices, where employees do not have a fixed workplace.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 1999

1999. Air Chair by Jasper Morrison. Sweden becomes world champion in handball.


After having won the contract to design Skanska’s new head office, Hagaporten, Lars considers that son Nils is ready to take over as CEO of the company. They shake on it and an adjacent gym premises is taken over in order to meet growth both organic and in terms of turnover. With the new area, Lindelöf’s showroom covers 1,200 sq m. Collaboration with artist, Ulf Wahlberg, in which the exhibition also forms the gallery, commences Lindelöf implements systematic environmental work for the internal and external environment. New customers include Coca Cola, Posten (the Swedish postal service), WM-Data and Nike.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 2003

2003. The chair, Sting by Fredrik Mattsson and Stefan Borselius. The Swedish Postal Service HQ project, carried out by Lindelöfs is a success.


AB Evert Lindelöf takes a unique position as service and software provider linked to interior design projects. A new methodology with advice, project management and interior design coordination is introduced. Lindelöfs is commissioned as partner for the year’s largest delivery of interior design in Sweden, the new Swedish Postal Service HQ.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 2005

2005. Patricia Urquiola is red hot as designer and releases both the armchair Smock and the modern classic Caboche.


The first time Lindelöfs attends the furniture trade fair in Älvsjö with its own exhibition stand. The future-orientated workplace system Resolve is unveiled in Sweden.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 2009

2009. Birdland by Mats Theselius. Action at Work with the products Actiontable, Actionbox and Actionwall.


Together with architects Björn Jogefalk and Magnus Fredin, Lindelöfs participates in the exhibition, Designpassion. The concept Action at Work is introduced with the products Actiontable, Actionbox and Actionwall.

Evert Lindelöf Timeline 2013

2013. Ovei Pod by Studio McCormack is a multimedia capsule. New Microsoft HQ is nominated as Sweden’s best looking office.


Microsoft HQ in Stockholm is designed in accordance with the concept DNA – Det Nya Arbetslivet (the New Working Life). The model is based on ‘free seating’ and Microsoft is named Sweden’s smartest office. Lindelöfs, together with partners in the manufacturing stage, wins the Nordic region’s largest interior design contract – working environment for 17,000 people within Nordea. Only the new office Lindhagen shall include 2,200 people in activity-based environment.