Design Your Story

Design Your Story® is the name of Lindelöf’s overall approach to creating a successful connection between your working environment and your business. Every company has a story to tell. It is the platform for clarity and appeal, synonyms for today’s and tomorrow’s success.

Shaping an effective and harmonious professional environment that communicates the right signals, requires not only a committed client but also a structure where the work crosses areas of expertise. Here, Lindelöf’s network of producers, designers, ergonomists, artisans, sound and lighting designers and relocation partners, is key.

Together we will help you translate your company functions into an efficient physical environment that manifests the company’s values, strengthens corporate culture and enables your next step and continued story.

Interior design conceptCompany requirements
• ManagementAppeal, company culture, development, total economy
• MarketIdentity, communication, credibility
• HRInteraction, ergonomics, effectiveness, satisfaction, health
• PurchasingPrice, funding, quality, service, guarantees, security of supply
• ITIntegration, flexibility
• EnvironmentService life, durability
• FMEffective use of space, mobility, flexibility, management

Interior design concept versus company requirements. Through a process of requirements and values a custom solution may be reached which provides an optimal overall solution and overall economy.